The Joint

A joint consists of ground flower rolled in paper. It is portable but tends to be harsher on the throat compared to other methods. Using this method, the cannabinoids are delivered to the bloodstream via inhalation and effects can be felt within seconds. The effects will peak within the first 30 minutes and last up to two or three hours.

Joints are still one of the most popular methods of consumption due to their portability. However, they are one of the least healthy ways to consume and not the best for users with lung or immune system problems.

The Pre-roll

A pre-roll is a trumpet shaped joint usually purchased from a dispensary. Pre-rolls tend to be neatly rolled and filled with more cannabis flower than a typical joint. They also tend to include a small filter making the smoke easier on your throat and lungs but decreasing the potential high. Pre-rolled joints have experienced huge growth with the appearance of dispensaries. Colorado, Washington and Oregon sold $158 million worth of pre-rolls in 2016 alone.

The Blunt

Similar to a joint, a blunt is cigar paper wrapped around ground cannabis flower. The increased strength and size of the paper means more cannabis can be rolled into each blunt. Blunts tend to be smoked by younger people, rolling their own for the style and taste of it.

The Spliff

A spliff is a joint that contains a mix of cannabis leaf and tobacco. This combines the mellow high from the cannabis and the energy that comes from tobacco. Be careful, the smoke from a spliff can be hotter than that of a joint. Adding a filter could decrease the negative effects to your throat and lungs.

Roll Your Own

Joint-rolling is a skill and even considered an art form. Many who partake show off their joint-rolling abilities. Joint-rolling is a talent many bud tenders must have, in fact there are regional competitions to see who does it best. But with rolling kits, preassembled pre-rolls offered by dispensaries and many other consumption options, the joint-rolling tradition seems to be fading.


The tide is turning. A majority of Americans think cannabis should be legal and our laws, state by state, are starting to accomplish this. But millions are still denied access, or languish in prisons, due to antiquated laws that hurt rather than help us.

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