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Cannabis United

About Us

The Cannabis 101 website, an educational resource, was developed and built by Cannabis United. Cannabis United is an organization of passionate contributors dedicated to improving cannabis understanding, access, freedom, safety and choice. In today’s digitally connected world let’s share stories, expand insight, and learn together. The truth will set us free.
Helping People

Learn, Find, Enjoy And Participate

Cannabis United is a digital engagement network of websites, apps and online resources dedicated to the subject of cannabis, bringing the plant out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Some of our properties are live while dozens more are in development. We invite consumers, educators, curious citizens and legislators alike to explore, browse, learn and become advocates for access. We also invite those with insight or expertise to contribute to the movement.
Join The

Digital Revolution

The Cannabis United digital engagement network offers information and experiences for the people, by the people. We build and adjust what consumers and the industry requests. We encourage people to check out our digital resources and give us feedback. Participate in polls and outreach campaigns. Share your support and enthusiasm on social media to convince the misinformed and correct our laws. Help us share stories and convince a nation. Become a contributor and share your experience, your expertise, your journey.
Industry Representation

Demonstrate Your Expertise

We offer many benefits to the cannabis industry. Including business promotion, brand awareness, marketing extension and product features. We aim to normalize the industry and share lessons and etiquette with newly legal states and markets. Consider us a platform for your cause, your message and your voice.
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