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Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101 informs, normalizes and facilitates the conversation between the industry and consumers. Cannabis 101 takes readers on a visual journey, allowing newbies to browse the basics, frequent users to refresh their knowledge, and providing activists with an argument in their pocket.


Sponsors of Cannabis 101 are placed next to their field of expertise, known as contextually relevant placement, to ensure a connection with their target audience. We have crafted our information architecture and content experience to position sponsors as helpful resources. Since we don’t use digital cookies to surveil our visitors, protecting their privacy, all sponsorships are a flat rate per month. This approach offers precisely targeted visibility with better recall and brand affinity. Respecting to our readers, our sponsor spots are not distracting or interruptive, providing a relaxed and comfortable experience.
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Sponsor Cannabis 101 to increase your visibility with your target audience, expand your brand awareness, achieve marketing goals, increase sales and gain coverage on our other properties. Support our efforts, become associated with the movement and encourage the development of additional tools and resources.


There are four main options to appear on Cannabis 101 as a sponsor. Once vetted, cannabis companies can gain visibility as a page sponsor, a topic sponsor, a text link or a featured product or service. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, let us know and we will walk you through the options, prices, placement and sizes.
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