PTSD is a form of anxiety, causing an individual to relive the experience of a traumatic life event. Cannabis aids a process called “memory extinction” which enables humans and animals to forget traumatic events over time, reducing debilitating mental and physical effects. Memory extinction is how people forget events that no longer have any value but PTSD sufferers don’t have the ability to forget their most traumatic life events. Cannabis has helped veterans for decades but the U.S. federal government has never allowed a study of its effects on PTSD. Federally funded research is needed to find a cure for PTSD, calling your local and state representatives is vital to making this happen.


Depression is a feeling of sadness and misery caused by day-to-day problems. The right strain of cannabis can provide a temporary rush of dopamine and serotonin to put you in a euphoric state. This state can help stop mild depression before it dominates an entire day. The right strain is critical because cannabis can deepen depression and cause you to dwell on the cause of that depression. Ask your local dispensary for strains that help with depression.

Clinical Depression is where feelings of sadness, dread and frustration are a daily occurrence for weeks or months. Cannabis can temporarily relieve some symptoms by changing your focus and mood but it is not a long term solution or cure. Clinical depression should be treated by a professional with a combination of therapy and prescription medication.


Anxiety is a social disorder where interactions with crowds can cause fear and stress. Anxiety can be socially crippling, forcing you to avoid crowds and groups of people. While many THC dominant cannabis strains can cause anxiety, CBD dominant strains can reduce anxiety and reverse the anxiety caused by THC. Finding the perfect combination of cannabis compounds is very personal and requires experimentation. Visit your local dispensary to find CBD dominant forms of cannabis in plant, liquid and concentrated forms.


Autism has a host of symptoms that can make life difficult for both the people who have it and their caregivers. Cannabis oil consumed orally or sublingually (a drop under the tongue) has been shown to reduce anxiety and fits common to Autistic people. More clinical trials are needed to explore all of the ways cannabis can improve the lives of Autistic people.


The tide is turning. A majority of Americans think cannabis should be legal and our laws, state by state, are starting to accomplish this. But millions are still denied access, or languish in prisons, due to antiquated laws that hurt rather than help us.

Do your part to help these fellow citizens and show the world how cannabis should be managed, with education, understanding and compassion: