First Timers

First time users have an opportunity to have a great experience filled with relaxation, euphoria and some good laughs with friends. Or it could be a bad experience, causing them to avoid cannabis in the future. Here are some tips for having a good experience with cannabis:

● Have an experienced friend do it with you, they can provide guidance and reassurance.

● Avoid using edibles for your first time, as it takes 25 to 50 minutes to take effect, and if you eat too much you may end up taking too much and not enjoying yourself.

● Avoid concentrates as they are too powerful for a beginner and may turn the user off to cannabis permanently.

● Smoking cannabis instead allows you to slowly build up to the desired effect without consuming too much.

● Have a small toke or have someone blow the smoke in your face. Wait 15 minutes after you smoke to see how the first toke affected you.

● If you have pain, try different strains until you find one that provides relief.

Casual Users

Casual users have cannabis from time to time but haven’t explored all that it has to offer. Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Avoid taking too much of any kind of cannabis, ask an experienced friend or budtender at a local dispensary.

● Each form of cannabis has a different potency, so use caution and don’t assume that the amount of plant matter you are used to smoking means you should smoke the same amount of a concentrate.

● Edibles are fun, but don’t eat too much just because it tastes good. Most cannabis users have stories about eating too many pot brownies.

● Have some CBD oil or Benadryl around to lessen the high caused by consuming too much THC.

● Go out and do something, experience the world with a whole new perspective.

Veteran Consumers

Veteran consumers know their limits and know what they like. Innovation in the cannabis industry has yielded amazing new cannabis products and toys. Here are some tips to help you take cannabis to the next level:

● Get regular checkups for your lungs, heart and liver. Cannabis is a healthier alternative but every person is different.

● Take a break, it may reduce your tolerance and make your experience more potent.

● Clean your toys, no one likes a dirty bong.

● Get a medical card, it can save you money and support legalization.

● Visit a headshop and talk to the owner about the latest cannabis technology.

● Talk to a grower, learn about what it takes to grow your favorite strains.

● Educate others who have less experience than you.

● Get political by communicating with your local representatives on cannabis issues, or consider running for office yourself.

Medical Users

Using cannabis as medicine or to help with an ailment is one of the oldest reasons to consume cannabis, here are some tips:

● Ask a doctor for advice, if they don’t have the answer get a referral to someone who does.

● If you have a specialist supervising your treatment, ensure they know you are considering or using cannabis and ask about drug interactions.

● Don’t scare yourself by reading too much anti-cannabis propaganda.

● Even though cannabis has been used for thousands of years, it can’t cure everything. Use logic to determine how and why you are using it and consult an expert.

● Make sure the cannabis is free of fertilizers and pesticides by having it tested at a reputable laboratory.

● Ask your local dispensary to profile more cannabis compounds than just percentages of THC and CBD. Cannabis compounds are numerous and complex and need to be taken into account when you’re looking for medical relief.


Children can also benefit from cannabis under certain circumstances. Here are some tips for kids and cannabis:

● Consult with your doctor before administering cannabis and make sure you both do your research.

● CBD is legal to treat kids with, but a combination of CBD and THC is usually more effective.

● Don’t believe the myths about cannabis and kids, read the most recent research about your child's condition and come to your own conclusions.


The tide is turning. A majority of Americans think cannabis should be legal and our laws, state by state, are starting to accomplish this. But millions are still denied access, or languish in prisons, due to antiquated laws that hurt rather than help us.

Do your part to help these fellow citizens and show the world how cannabis should be managed, with education, understanding and compassion: